Jungle Juice Gold Label Lockerroom 30ml

Lockerroom from Canada unveils Jungle Juice Gold Label! The poppers’ reference brand is expanding its range for even greater efficiency and sensations! The Gold Label is powerful and its effect is long-lasting, ideal for your sex under the duvet or to have fun in the evening… The Jungle Juice Gold Label will warm your senses. 30ml Lockerroom bottle!


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Jungle Juice Gold Label Lockerroom 30ml


  • Specifications about Gold Label triple distilled poppers

    • Jungle Juice Gold Label Tripple Distilled 30ml (JJ) Poppers
      Contents : 30ml
      Composition : Pentyl / Di-Sec Butylcarbinol / 1-Pentanol
      CAS : CAS 463-04-7 / CAS 137-32-6 / CAS 71-41-0

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